Sex Differences in Response to Ketamine as A Rapidly Acting Intervention for Treatment Resistant Depression

Marlene P.Freemana | George Papakostasa | Bettina Hoeppnera | Erica Mazzonea | Heidi Judgea | Cristina Cusina | Sanjay Mathew | Gerard Sanacorac | Dan Iosifescud | Charles DeBattistae | Madhukar H.Trivedif | Maurizio Favaa

Received 19 September 2018, Revised 3 January 2019, Accepted 7 January 2019, Available online 8 January 2019.

Double-blind, proof-of-concept (POC) trial of Low-Field Magnetic Stimulation (LFMS) augmentation of antidepressant therapy in treatment-resistant depression (TRD).

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