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Put CTNI’s Unique Capabilities to Work for You

If your aim is to reach a new state-of-the-art for studies into brain science, genetics, and the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders, it’s time to partner with CTNI. We are your best path to faster publishable results and world-class research excellence.

Sequential Parallel Comparison Design

Unique protocol designs and details such as the Sequential Parallel Comparison Design, a proven strategy that cuts placebo response by half,reduces sample size requirements, and increases the power of studies by making participant data more informative

Experienced Investigators

Principal investigators and site investigators with deep experience in managing and conducting industry sponsored clinical trials

World-Class Consultation

World-class scientific consultation and advisory boards for delivery of the most authoritative guidance available

Advanced Methods & Training

Advanced subject quality methods and rater training ensure both patients and sites are the best fit to your unique needs

Internationally Recognized Research Staff

Research staff improves your range and depth of expertise in studies across CNS disorders:

Anxiety · Depression · Bipolar disorder · Women’s mental health · Schizophrenia · Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder · ADHD · Geriatrics/Alzheimer’s disease · Pharmacogenetics · Neuroimaging · Pediatric psychopharmacology

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