SAFER Remote Interviews

Our raters are highly experienced psychiatrists who are clinical researchers, all of whom have a high degree of experience in clinical work and clinical research.  We refer to the raters as SAFER raters based on one of the main methodologies utilized in the interviews.  As raters, our raters verify the diagnosis and appropriateness of the patient population, and depending on the study’s needs also verify severity of illness and treatment history, as needed by the sponsor.

For quality assurance, all raters are systematically trained in the methodologies, with the methods specifically designed to make sure that appropriate patients are enrolled into the trials, so that the study is a good test of the intervention and to lower placebo response.  In any complicated cases, our raters will present the case to peers, who weigh in quickly so that a solid and speedy decision can be made on behalf of the patient.  Our raters also will gather more information from sites as needed.


Consolidated SAFER Results

Overall TRD Study Results

Overall Non-TRD Study Results